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Our Programs

Cabinet Manufacturing

Cab student making bevel cuts

The MiLL Advance Cabinet Manufacturing Program is designed to teach students the skills required in today's global economy.  Students who complete this program are:

  • Trained and certified in using state-of-the-art tools and machinery used in the manufacturing industry. 
  • Given the opportunity to earn valuable industry recognized certifcates in OSHA-10 and Woodworker Career Alliance. 
  • Earning math and elective graduation credits.  
  • Able to participate in regional, state and national SkillsUSA competitions.  



  • Jesse Sworowski
  • McKay Browne 
  • Chet Miller

Careers in Construction

Construction students learn to lay shingles on a shed

The MiLL Construction Technology Program is designed to help students gain valuable skills to jumpstart a career in construction. Students enrolled in construction classes:

  • Learn in a hands-on environment
  • Apply classroom skills to real-life projects, including the CICC Home Build
  • Learn mechanical, electrical & plumbing systems
  • Have the opportunity to earn math, physical science and elective credits
  • Earn OSHA-10 and HBI PACT Certifications
  • Can participate in regional, state and national SkillsUSA competitions.



  • Eric Davis - Construction Technology
  • Matt Badeau - Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Systems 
  • Mike Landis - Carpentry Technology & Construction Technology
  • Randall Spalding - Construction Technology 

Welding Technology

Student welding

Students enrolled in Welding Technology A and Welding Technology B at the MiLL have the opportunity to gain valuable skills that can be used in the welding industry. 

All welding students will:

  • Learn the basics of oxy-acetylene welding and torch cutting
  • Learn wire feed/MIG welding and plasma cutting
  • Earn OSHA-10 Safety Certification
  • Have the opportunity to participate in regional, state and national SkillsUSA competitions.



  • Jared Williams - Welding Technology

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