Cabinet Manufacturing

The MiLL Advanced Cabinet Manufacturing program is designed to teach students the skills required in today’s global economy. Students who complete this program are trained and certified in using state of the art tools and machinery used every day in the advanced manufacturing industry. 

Students learn skills preparing them for careers, college or any other cabinet manufacturing path they choose. 

  • All materials and supplies are provided at no cost to the student through our industry partners. 
  • Leadership and professionalism is a cornerstone of our curriculum 
  • Students can join Skills USA, a student led leadership organization 
  • Students can participate in regional, state and national competitions. 

Credits, Certifications, and Internships

  • Students can earn up to 4 credits per school year, including math and elective credits (depending on your school district) 
  • Students can earn Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA) Certifications 
  • Students have the opportunity to meet with industry representatives and local and national employers 
  • Program completers have the opportunity to apply for paid internships.